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The thing about responsibility

Human has taken a very serious approach on dog ownership responsibility, to the point of actually disciplining dogs belonging to other people. She said she was rather affected by incidents involving some pet dogs that were unleashed and unsupervised and went on to hurt other pets. So it became her personal mission to prevent any tragedy from happening, even if it means taking over some of the dog ownership responsibilities from irresponsible dog owners.

She stopped a dog named Z from provoking a couple holding onto a leashed dog. Dog Z was unleashed and owner was nowhere in sight. She held dog Z by the scruff but Z tried to turn back and bite her (damn I will kick his sorry little ass for that!). Sensing dog Z has a bit of aggression issues, she immediately tightened her grip on his scruff and pined him on the ground and yelled “bad dog”. When Z calmed down and was in a submissive mode, she let go of her grip, scooped that fella up and brought him back to the team where a handful saw what happened and spanked his little butt. However, his owner was nowhere in sight and there was nothing to leash Z. Damn!!

Who dares to tell my human that small dogs don’t bite but big dogs like me will?!? She will grab you by your scruff and pin you down for that. Size is an independent factor in dog aggression, for Christ’s sake!  It is bad dog behaviour that should never have happened if his owner has taken a more serious role in dog discipline. Leash your dog if you can’t control your dog! Be a more responsible owner before somebody kicks you in the butt if something nasty happens again!

I never lay my teeth on her and I will tell dog Z off if I ever see him again.

My Present!!!

Human bought a nice big comfy bed for me!!! The cover is kinda warm and we happen to live in a tropical country so its very “duh”. Well, it is the most economical one without compromising quality so with a bit of modifications here and there, I have a bed that is big enough for me to spread myself as much as I can and we still have room!

I used to sneak onto their beds and the sofa to sleep but I don’t think I want to sleep anywhere but on my own bed. I have to share with 2 other humans though, they seem to enjoy my bed as well(!). I am ok with it, I can always sleep on them when we ran out of space! hee hee hee

FYI, this is an orthopedic dog bed that provides some level of comfort and support for senior dogs and dogs with joint problems.

My waistline has returned…

I lost about 1 kg in 1 week! Seriously, I should be one of the models for slimming ads and this is what I am going to say:

“Previously I was a slim and handsome dog, with a waistline. My human started to buy more treats for my training and naturally as all dogs did, I ate and ate and ate. The rest of my family fed me at different times of the day, not realising that one member has already done that a while ago. One even shared a dollop of butter with me every morning. I gained a hefty 2.1 kg and lost my waistline and was “depressed”. To regain my confidence and of course my waistline, I joined ZZZ slimdog program and within 1 week, I lost 1 kg in 1 week effortlessly! No pills, no surgeries and no crash diets! It’s that easy!! Call 6123-4567 for more enquiries! First 50 callers can enjoy free consultation. “

am on diet…

’nuff said. . . =(((

I think all dogs are beautiful

Apart from getting screams from girls when I tried to lift their skirts, I do get friendly strangers coming up to me whenever my humans take me out for day trips. Sometimes tourists even stopped and took photos with me. Some locals even thought I was of some pedigree and were very surprised that I wasn’t. I like to thank them for saying I am a beautiful dog. I am a Singapore special breed or a mongrel as most would know and I am proud to be one too. I am priceless as my human has said (read my second post on my history if you want to) and honestly, with good food, lots of tender loving care, any dog, regardless of breed will be beautiful too.

Don’t believe me, check out the stories on dog rescue and rehoming work worldwide, the pictures of rehomed and adopted dogs tell a thousand words. They are more convincing than pictures of humans in slimming advertisments! WE don’t even need to photoshop anything!

How to have your beauty sleep when your human doesn’t sleep

I love spending time with my human and she is working late again. As much as I would like to keep her company, I really need my beauty sleep. The lights are really annoying and there is no way I can sleep as soundly as I want to. So I gave a sigh, loud enough for her to hear, rearranged my pillow and stuck my head under the sofa to keep the glaring lights away from my eyes.  I know its a funny sight and she has taken unglam pictures of me like this before but what else can I do with this human who doesn’t sleep at the right hours?

Looks like I may have to wake up her for school again… tsk tsk tsk

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